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West Accounting Services, Napa

After analyzing the needs of small and mid-sized companies, Lisa realized that few business owners were taking time to understand and to properly create their financial statements. Lisa developed West Accounting Services with the goal of providing the much-needed service of education and financial records development and management. The company provides full bookkeeping service, payroll, financial analysis, and consulting for small to mid-size companies in the greater Napa and surrounding counties. Lisa provides a unique service by working in the client’s office; no need for the business owner to lose work time. And Lisa is on-site to ask and answer important questions.

The development of a marketing plan became crucial. Lisa realized that she needed to deliver her message to business owners. She visited the Napa Chamber of Commerce office and was directed to the Napa SBDC office for advice.

Working with Advisor, Jerry Jinnett, at the Napa SBDC office, Lisa developed a marketing plan to build awareness of her company and its unique approach to working with small and mid-sized business.  She increased her networking efforts, upgraded her website, joined the Napa Chamber of Commerce, appeared on a KVON radio talk show, and developed an educational seminar entitled “How to Save Money with Proper Bookkeeping”.  She will be providing the presentation as a guest speaker for Waddell & Reed Financial Advisors.

Lisa reports that she wears her nametag as a walking “billboard” and is being recognized! She is seeing the results of her efforts; she has gained new clients, has increased revenue, and feels confident that she has the tools needed to continue marketing and growing her business.

“I’m so glad that I went to visit the Napa Chamber of Commerce.  They directed me to go to the Napa SBDC when I told them that I wasn’t confident that I knew what to do, in terms of marketing strategies. I immediately went to the SBDC and made an appointment with Jerry Jinnett.  I don’t know where I would be with my business if I hadn’t met with Jerry - the knowledge she has about everything business is astronomical!  She came up with marketing ideas immediately – ideas I would never have thought of!  Jerry is a wealth of information and I highly recommend everyone, that is starting or thinking of starting a business, make an appointment with her.  Thank you Jerry!”

Company Name: West Accounting Services
Business Owner(s): Lisa Culverwell