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Over the Top Frozen Yogurt, American Canyon

When Ted and Ginny Ginn decided they would like to start a business in the Napa Valley, they contacted the Napa Valley College SBDC. They worked with Small Business Development Center Advisors to determine the feasibility as well as to reassure themselves that the business would be viable.

The shop is located between Wing Stop and Panda Express in the Napa Junction area in American Canyon.  Current operating hours are 11:00 am to 9 pm Sunday through Thursday; and on Friday and Saturday, hours extend to 10:00 pm.  The shop is staffed by employees who take pride in providing good service, are very friendly and helpful, and keep the place spotless. There is plenty of seating inside and outside, they provide lids for take-away treats — and they provide free WiFi!

Ted and Ginny were new to the food business and received a lot of cautionary tales from SBDC Advisors and friends. They needed assistance determining the feasibility, best type of location, demographics and financial analysis

One of their first steps was to participate in the Start-up and Quickbooks workshops offered through the Center.  Ted worked with SBDC Advisor, Jerry Jinnett, to research his business ideas and to develop marketing and financial feasibility studies for each.  Utilizing the resources of SBDCnet, they were able to obtain targeted research that enabled Jerry Jinnett and Ted Ginn to work together in identifying and evaluating the needs of the Napa Valley customer base.  They examined industry financial statements, researched competition, looked at industry trends, and arrived at a decision for a business needed in the region: a frozen yogurt shop.  Ted and Ginny identified successful shops in the Sacramento area, visited them, were able to talk to the owners, and came away with valuable information that was incorporated into their business plan.

On Labor Day weekend, Ted and Ginny staged the Grand Opening of their Over the Top Frozen Yogurt Shop.  The shop features self-serve frozen yogurt; most of their offerings are non-fat.  In addition to chocolate and vanilla, they offer 4 other flavors. These flavors change — at Halloween, pumpkin was one of the offerings.  After filling a container with the yogurt of choice the customer moves on to the topping area. There are 48 hot and cold choices that include caramel sauce, chocolate, gummy worms, granola, chocolate chips, M&M’s, crushed candy bars and more. Bottled water and soft drinks are also available.

Over the top Frozen Yogurt
Business Owner(s): Tedd and Ginny Ginn