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Snap Shot, Livermore

Company Profile:
"Being an avid Scrapbooker, I was frustrated at the lack of organizational tools" says Judy Galletti. "There were totable items that everyone was using. These items were, usually, on wheels in the form of luggage. When you arrived at your destination, you had to bend over, unpack, organize, clear the tabletop (of things that you just unpacked) and begin. It used to take me forever to get started (sometimes up to an hour and a half). About three years ago, I made myself an organizing system. The idea was to have everything in a transparent tote that could be placed on the tabletop and, in one action, I'd be ready to work. I was so relieved to spend my time scrapping and NOT setting up. Friends told me to patent it. I thought they were crazy. How could I possibly do that? Then I saw you on TV. You had several women with you. They each had an invention, created to make their lives easier. They were ordinary people who were just trying to solve one of the problems they had. AND they had succeeded."

Actions Taken:
Judy took the Success Through Invention and Product Development workshops. The client came to Steve with her invention, a scrap book caddy that will carry all the materials that are used to assemble a scrap book for hobbiest. She wanted to license it to a major company that is in this business.

Steve coached her all the way through patent the process. From start to finish: idea, patent search, prototype, get costs to manufacturer, contact people and companies in the trade.

Client has filed a design patent with the US Patent Office titled “an ornamental design of a scrap book caddy”.

Client went to a trade show in southern California to find a company that could license this caddy. She found 3 companies and we are now in discussion with one of these. Another one decided not to go ahead at this time because of the economy.

Client Satisfaction:
"I NEVER dreamed that the heads of a big company would, one day, be sitting around a conference table, contemplating accepting my product. But Steve, thanks to the Sawyer Center and your incredible guidance, that's exactly what was happening, yesterday. So, today, before I know the outcome, I want to THANK you and tell you how much I appreciated the education, the experience, the genuine support and friendships of you and Linda and the kind welcome you gave to, my husband, Tom & I. If I come away with my product never moving past today, I want you to know it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I came to you shy and unsure with little hope of success. Since then, I've pitched my product on the floor of trade shows, passed out my media kit, and had impromptu meetings with representatives as well as CEO's, all with confidence and knowledge."

Judy Galletti - Oqner
548 Buckeye Dr. Livermore, CA. 94551

Consultant(s): Steve Schneider
Center: Santa Rosa SBDC