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David's Shoe Repair, Santa Rosa

David’s Shoe Repair is a retail western apparel and shoe repair company located in the Roseland Community of Santa Rosa. Roseland is one of the County of Sonoma’s Redevelopment Areas, populated primarily by predominately Spanish speaking businesses.

David & Maria Quintana started David’s Shoe Repair in 1996. The Quintanas experienced challenges with declining sales, as have many other local businesses, due to economic factors. Working with the SBDC and taking advantage of the Sonoma County Façade Renovation Program, The Quintanas have been able to make progress toward growth despite the larger economic challenges.

Maria Quintana participated in both small business training and advisory services focused on business strategy and planning, financial management, and online/offline marketing. As part of this process, the Quintanas are working from a revised, integrated strategy positioning them for stability and growth.

To date, David’s Shoe Repair has expanded its strategic management, operations, marketing and public relations activities resulting in a 19% increase in sales.

"I was running my business, but without enough marketing. Thanks to Noah, now I use [social media such as] Facebook, and Yelp, and I now have a web page. I feel proud of the progress we have made because Noah gave us the necessary information. I have learned to work more effectively and [put into] practice what I’m learning. I recommend the SBDC’s [services]!" – Maria Quintana

David’s Shoe Repair
David & Maria Quintana
(707) 579-4192
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